A young team that started out from Hyderabad and Delhi in 2016. The team mainly comprises of Space Design Enthusiasts who can take up multi tasking like no other.The team works all 7 days across 4 different cities (Hyderabad, Gurugram, Bangalore and Mumbai) currently.

Our Team


Konark Wadhwa- Founder

Coming with more than 10 years  of experience in Marketing and Product Development, he leads the reach-out and vendor management at Brintext.


Dr. Sahiba Wadhwa- Co-Founder

After a sharp turn in her career from being a full-time practicing Dentist in Delhi, she brings to the world, some amazing Interior Styling. She has a team of Interior Designers working with her in Hyderabad.

She also runs a famous You Tube channel called as 'Decor Anthem'.