Konark Wadhwa, Founder

The founder of Brintext – Konark is not just a regular Engineer with an MBA degree - he also has a corporate experience of more than a decade and was an Associate Vice-President at a previous corporate he worked in. He has travelled for work across 8 countries and finally settled in Hyderabad, India to start his own company in 2015. With his years of corporate experience, he brings a lot of structure and stability to the company while expertly handling all the financial and executive decisions.

Konark Wadhwa,

Dr. Sahiba Wadhwa,

Dr. Sahiba Wadhwa, Co-Founder

With Interior Designing as her passion and perfectionism as her second nature – Dr. Sahiba is not just the co-founder, but also the voice and face of Brintext/Décor Anthem. She took the bold step of leaving Dentistry to explore her creative side and with this aim she co-founded Brintext. With extensive experience in designing, she manages every aspect of Brintext/Décor Anthem with panache and brings about the sophistication and dedication required to run things smoothly in the company. She is the inspiration for all our designers and is also a crowd favorite!

Rupa Mohanty, Head of Projects and Operations

With an MBA and more than 12 years of experience in Operations, Rupa is one of the most valuable members of the team. She believes that Brintext/Decor Anthem is not just a company but a place for craft fanatics, curious minds, creative geniuses and skilled talents coming together to fly and flourish.

Rupa Mohanty,
Head of Projects and Operations

Naresh Vemisetti,
Senior Manager

Naresh Vemisetti, Senior Manager

Naresh, our Senior Client Relationship Manager, is the initial point of contact for Brintext/Décor Anthem; he is the first person you talk to when you wish to start your journey with us! With an experience of 8 years and an MBA in International Business, he handles things like a pro and is the back bone of our company.

Super Team

Hafsa Sharif,

Manager of Content and Production

Hafsa Sharif

Hafsa Sharif, Manager of Content and Production at Decor Anthem overlooks our Social Media handles and is the communication bridge between the company and the people across the world who approach us through different mediums. She is also the one responsible for bringing you exciting YouTube videos every week!

Anirudh Sai,

Senior Designer

Anirudh Sai

Anirudh Sai, With 3 years of experience in Interior Designing, Mr. Anirudh is our go-to Interior Designer for all things good. He is a Civil Engineer and is an expert in understanding the lay of the land; he designs even the most complicated spaces with utmost ease.

Ankita Agrawal,

Senior Designer

Ankita Agrawal

Ankita Agrawal, With seven years of experience in structure, architecture and design, Ms. Ankita is our senior designer who is not only an excellent designer but also has limitless knowledge on the entire structure and architecture involved in the process. She holds an M.Tech in Structure and has been adding her knowledge and expertise to Brintext/Décor Anthem since a year!

Pardhu Saradhi,

Senior Project Manager

Pardhu Saradhi

Our senior project manager, Mr. Pardhu, is an Engineer with 7 years of experience in project management. With excellent skills like time management, technical expertise and critical thinking, he’s one of the best from our team!

Vennela . B,

Team Leader, Designing

Vennela . B

Vennela is an experienced and aspiring Interior Designer who believes that design is not just what it looks like but is an experience that has a purpose. She doesn’t just create artistic designs, she understands the client’s perspective too! Blessed with a mind that gets the freshest ideas, she is a breeze to work with!